Does Walmart Sell Chainsaws In-Store (Electric & Gas)?

Chainsaws are tools that find many applications in homes for purposes such as cutting down trees or segmenting logs into small pieces for easier and effective use.

So, can one find chainsaws in stores such as Walmart?

Yes, Walmart stocks and sells a variety of chainsaws including brands such as Stihl, Black & Decker, Poulan, and Black Max.

Walmart Chainsaw Classification

Walmart is a large marketplace for the highly-varied items sold under one roof. As such, there is likely to be confused when the products are not properly classified or categorized.

Even when dealing with specific products such as chainsaws categorization into subclasses helps customers to preview and settle on a product they like.

The chainsaws sold at Walmart can be categorized according to:

  1. Brands & manufacturing companies
  2. Mode of operation (powering)

Brand-based classification gives names such as Black Max, Black & Decker, Stihl, Homelite, and Green Works chainsaws at Walmart. All these have been handled in detail here below.

Gas Chainsaws at Walmart

Gas chainsaws are those that use petroleum as the fuel to power the rotating chain. This means they would have to be refilled with gas (petrol) once in a while after the fuel tank has been depleted.

Some of the best-rated gas chainsaws at Walmart (1) include:

  • 20″ Bar 62cc Powerful Gas Chainsaw 2-stroke
  • Black Max 38cc Cycle Engine 18-inch Gas Chain saws
  • 62cc 3.5 HP Guide Board Gasoline-powered chainsaw.

Electric Chainsaw at Walmart

Unlike the gas (petrol) powered chainsaws, electric chain saws rely on electric power. This, therefore, means they are dependent on an external supply of electricity for them to work.

They have the advantage of being relatively light because there is no extra weight due to the gas added in the gas-operated chainsaw varieties.

Some of the best rated electric chainsaws at Walmart include:

  • Worx WG304.1 15 Amp 18 Inch Electric Chainsaw
  • Sun Joe SWJ807E 10-inch 8 Amp Convertible Electric Telescoping Pole Chain
  • Black & Decker CS216 12 Amp 16″ corded chainsaw

Corded Chainsaws at Walmart

Corded chainsaws are first of all electricity-powered chainsaws but with an attached cord.

This makes using such chainsaws would mean you have to be tolerant of the inconvenience caused by having a non-detachable (permanently-fixed) cord.

However, the good thing with a fixed cord is that there are reduced chances of the cord getting lost.

When the cords get lost, one may be tempted or forced to replace them with a similar but unstandardized alternative which may end up destroying the chainsaw.

Some of the top-rated corded chainsaws at Walmart include:

  • Martha Stewart MTS-EC514 Handheld chainsaw
  • Sun Joe SWJ701E Corded Chainsaw 18 Inch
  • Worx 8A 14” Corded electric Chainsaw

Cordless Chainsaws at Walmart

Cordless chainsaws may be electricity-powered but the power cord is detachable/removable. This creates the convenience associated with carrying or packing them.

However, the fact that the power cord is detachable means one has to take care and ensure that they do not lose the cable.

Even when the cord gets lost it is advisable to only replace it with the correct, standardized version to avoid damages and accidents.

Some of the best electric but cordless chainsaws sold at Walmart include:

  • Black & Decker LCS1020B 20V Max Cordless 10” Chainsaw
  • Greenworks 12-Inch 40V Cordless Chainsaw
  • Worx WG322 10-inch cordless 20V Chainsaw

Battery-powered chainsaws at Walmart

Battery-powered chainsaws, as the name suggests, do not use gas (petrol) or live electricity, but batteries such as Lithium-Ion batteries.

Some of the best-rated battery-powered chainsaws sold at Walmart include:

  • WEN 40V Max lithium Ion 16-inch Brushless Chainsaw
  • Greenworks 40V 16-inch Lithium-Ion powered chainsaw
  • Worx WG320 6-inch 20V MaxLithium Cordless chainsaw.

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