Best Oscilloscopes Under $1000: Ranked Reviews

We realized that the best oscilloscope under $1000 might be a bit challenging to find and decided to come with a solution to help you to select the right brand for your electronic workshop.

The oscilloscopes under $1000 available in our market take consideration of your bandwidth, time, and frequency division range, so you should not worry about the option you need on the market.

Best oscilloscopes under $1000

The following are the best-reviewed oscilloscope under $1000 brands we have identified and proved best for your choice and are ready and available on our market whenever you plan an order.

#1. RIGOL DS 1054Z Oscilloscope

If this is the first time you are interested and looking for the best oscilloscope under $1000 that suits your demands, RIGOL DS 1054Z Oscilloscope is the great pick for you.

This brand is powerful and cost-effective you should consider.


  • RIGOL DS 1054Z Oscilloscope contains four channels to measure and compare four different signals at a time.
  • This brand is perfect for customers working on a powerful Arduino project that requires a calculation of signal or logical relationships.
  • This Oscilloscope comes with a free software bundle containing a graded intensity display and lots of mathematical functions.
  • RIGOL DS1054Z has a large surface area for a display to allow you to zoom in and focus on any point of the signal fast and accurately.
  • The display is shaded in 64 levels for the accurate focus of the signal point.
  • This brand has a benchtop design with a high resolution of 800 × 480 pixels and a sampling rate of 1GSa/s.
  • The oscilloscope has a bandwidth and memory depth that is upgradeable.
  • It is suitable for low budgets and high expectations.


SIGLENT TECHNOLOGIES SDS1202X- E is one of the most appropriate oscilloscopes that I recommend for customers who are fun to the digital oscilloscope and would like to experience measurement of all simple and complex signals.


  • SIGLENT TECHNOLOGIES SDS1202X- E contains a non –reflective display of 256 graded intensity at a low and affordable price.
  • This device has a Fast Fourier Transformation with a regular signal operation that makes the user complete most of the calculations in the scope.
  • For those who would like to save their power, this brand is a great deal as it can surprisingly operate at low consumption.
  • It is light portable and compact.
  • The signal accuracy and swift functions of this oscilloscope if perfect.
  • The brand is capable of releasing up to 400,000 waveforms per second capture rate.


  • This brand does not come with a waveform generator.


Everyone’s wishes are to be unique and perfect from others not only in life but in possession of items. If you fall in that category, SAINSMART DSO 212 is on our market to make you smile.


  • This brand is great for those who work on a project while running up and down because it is portable.
  • SAINSMART DSO212 is integrated with multiple functions that make it more useful.
  • This oscilloscope outdoes others since it has two channels.
  • The brand is more digitalize and works as a computer as you can operate it with taps and swipes.
  • It comes with a signal generator.
  • Its integrated touch screen does not require you any technical skills to use.


  • SAINSMART DSO 212 cannot store a wide range of data as it is smaller.


If you have never trusted any oscilloscope before, then you have a reason to smile because RIGOL Ds1102E is designed for your needs and after buying this brand, you will assuredly develop trust.


  • Rigor provides a real-time sampling rate, equivalent sampling rate, and bandwidth which will satisfy your requirement.
  • You can easily analyze the nature of the wave with an accurate signal measurement using this brand as it is provided with 1M points of memory depth.
  • Perfect for customers who like working well under a very minimal noise as its fan is designed to give low noise.
  • Its two channels have an external trigger channel for efficiency.
  • The brand contains a high bandwidth along with a sampling rate and memory depth.


  • RIGOL DS11O2E has a slow refresh rate that can minimize the efficiency of its operation.

#5. OWON XDS3104E

If you choose OWON XDS3104E, you will enjoy its amazing benefits that include its versatile specs and communication interface.


  • The brand is designed to meet your latest technological demands such as operating for signals of 100 MHz at maximum with a real-time sampling rate of 1GSa/a/.
  • It is incorporated with a Wifi module to provide a perfect view on the screen from your phone or computer.
  • It is suitable for customers who intend to work in versatile fields.
  • OWON XDS3104E provides a larger and better display with higher resolution.


  • This brand is not applicable to complex signal analysis.

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