Best Oscilloscopes for Automotive Use: Top 5 Reviews

If you are looking for the best oscilloscope for automotive use, this is the place to find them as they allow you to read voltage changes from automotive components.

Best Oscilloscopes for Automotive Use

Listed below are the best choices of oscilloscopes with ideal features that are located on our market offered at affordable prices that accommodate every customer.

#1. Autel Maxisys Automotive Oscilloscope

Autel Maxisys is a powerful oscilloscope for automotive use as it comes with superior features that provide comprehension functions. It offers a faster speed having great multitasking capabilities.


  • Autel Maxisys powerful Exynos 6-core processor is equipped with amazing multitasking capabilities.
  • The device is effective for automotive use since it supports reading, live data, clearing codes, ECU coding, adaptations, and actuation tests.
  • The oscilloscope comes with a rechargeable lithium battery that lasts for 14 hours while working.
  • The device comes with a handing fee connection Wi-Fi access that makes it more useable for automotive users.
  • It comes with accessories including a USB port and HDMI port that makes it easy to transfer data.
  • The oscilloscope is small in size and portable for easy carriage.
  • This automotive oscilloscope supports distant Bluetooth transmission for the exchange of data,
  • This device is designed with padding around it for protection against heavy impacts while working with it.

#2. Quimat Q15001 Digital Automotive Oscilloscope

Quimat Q15001 is one of the best and easy to operate automotive oscilloscopes and at affordable prices for every customer.


  • Quimat Q15001 is lightweight hence portable-one can even put it in the pocket.
  • The oscilloscope casing is well-built and durable.
  • The device is relatively cheap and affordable for every customer.
  • The Quimat Q15001 oscilloscope has 3 trigger modes most effective for automotive use.
  • It has a simple straightforward design effective for automotive users.


  • Customers complain that this oscilloscope has low sample memory depth hence not effective for use.

#3. LIUMY Professional LED Handheld Automotive Oscilloscope

LIUMY oscilloscope is a multi-function tool effective in handling all your automotive diagnostic needs.

The device has valuable multimeter functions including testing the capacitance, resistance, and frequency of components.


  • LIUMY oscilloscope is easy to read since it has a relatively low sample rate.
  • This oscilloscope functions as a multimeter apart from being an automotive oscilloscope.
  • The device is of good value and versatility hence effective for automotive use.
  • The device is designed with an auto-shutoff feature that saves its battery life when ideal.
  • It has a compact design making it easy to use by every individual.


  • The LIUMY oscilloscope has a low sample rate and bandwidth hence providing a weak frequency.

#4. LAUNCH X431 Automotive Oscilloscope

LAUNCH X431 is an effective oscilloscope for automotive use since its processor is powerful to read and interpret codes and provides data or information on the encountered problem.


  • LAUNCH X431 oscilloscope supports wireless communication since it is equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices.
  • It has a large storage capacity and the latest display technology.
  • This oscilloscope comes with accessories such as adapters, user manuals, and power cable hence more effective for automotive use.
  • It is equipped with a long-lasting battery and a powerful processor.
  • LAUNCH X431 performs ECU coding, read data stream with other significant functions as well as offering maintenance recommendations.
  • This device is water-resistant hence reducing more risk of damage while working under wet conditions.
  • Its function is diverse as it can be used by over 68 brands of cars from Europe, America, and Asia.


  • Customers complain that LAUNCH X431 oscilloscopes’ free Wi-Fi updates last for only 2 years hence requires manual updates that might be too expensive for them.

#5. PicoScope PP920 Oscilloscope for Automotive

PicoScope PP920 Automotive oscilloscope is simple to use and relatively cheap for every automotive user.

It is equipped with advanced oscilloscope software available with effective features.


  • PicoScope PP920 Automotive oscilloscope is affordable and more suitable for homeowners.
  • It has over 150 guided tests that update frequently through free software updates.
  • It is equipped with a guided test that includes charging and testing pressure sensors, ignition, and a communication network that makes it easy to use.
  • PicoScope PP920 Automotive oscilloscopes’ hardware and software have more memory and faster while in operation.
  • The oscilloscopes come with various accessories that include a USB cable, software CD ROM, and a quick start guide for effective automotive use.
  • The device is equipped with a long-lasting battery that works for longer hours.


  • The PicoScope PP920 Automotive oscilloscope can only be used with a computer hence making it difficult for customers who do not have computers.

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